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Our main focus at Juice'd is to provide our community, family, and friends with healthy food and beverage alternatives in an effort to promote a better lifestyle. All of our cold-pressed juices, raw nut mylks, smoothies, smoothie bowls, salads, and other healthy snacks are made in-house with locally sourced ingredients and are 100% organic.

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  • Konstantin Shukhmin Konstantin Shukhmin Prior my today's visit, I would give this place 5 stars. I always had a good experience at Juice'd before today, when I ordered a salad and guy who works there started to make it without gloves with his hands, which god knows what he was doing with before I walked in! It never happened to me before, usually girls who works there are super helpful and accurate... of course I used to visit this place not really often, about once a week, but still everything was great, always. So I asked him for refund right away, he remained polite. I believe working without gloves in a place that offering a fresh, healthy food is not acceptable(it's not acceptable even for junk food places). Well, it'll take some time for me to start stopping by Juice'd over again...
  • Parker Antoine Parker Antoine Kale superfood bowl w/ PB is the jam �� , quality every time.
  • Brett William Dufford Brett William Dufford
  • Johnna Brynn Johnna Brynn
  • Tammie Large Connor Tammie Large Connor I was in Orlando for a couple of days and needed more quality, cold-pressed juice to complete my cleanse I started in Sarasota and wanted to extend it another day. When I went in, I asked all kinds of questions - I wanted to make sure their juice was as good as my regular place in Sarasota. They were soooo helpful, made awesome recommendations, even personally bottled some for me. I had a Pitaya bowl and a Hibiscus Tea while I waited and it was incredible!!! The juices were amazing, yummy and you can tell they are made with love!! I HIGHLY recommend it!!
  • Destiny Quinn Destiny Quinn THE best juice bar in Orlando, all locally owned and grown and operated - LOVE THIS PLACE! The juices are delish!
  • Lisa Sauve Lisa Sauve
  • Hillary Marie Ross Hillary Marie Ross I just discovered this place about a week ago and I am so gladded I did. Currently doing a 3 day juice cleanse from them and they are all fantastic! I cannot rave enough about this place! highly recommend!
  • Stephen Peconge Stephen Peconge
  • Jesse Suarez Olaya Jesse Suarez Olaya
  • Miryana Blesso Miryana Blesso
  • Bella Belen Foscolos Bella Belen Foscolos
  • Luis Troche Luis Troche
  • Eve Penny Eve Penny Great selection of juices smoothie and salads all gluten free too! The ladies are lovely and very helpful, I am very happy I came here.
  • Shannon Maggio Shannon Maggio By far the BEST juice in Orlando- everything is delicious, organic, and they have great customer service!
  • Daniel Kochlany Daniel Kochlany
  • Carlos G. Lara Carlos G. Lara
  • Kermit James Kermit James This is my weekly detox place. I couldn't survive without these juices
  • Keith Mawardi Keith Mawardi
  • Kendall Miller Kendall Miller
  • Brian Kaster Brian Kaster
  • Marina Sommers Marina Sommers Thank you for offering healthier options in the Orlando area! When I travel I always look for a juice bar and yours was a great find. I read some of the reviews here, people seem to be out of their mind. If they knew how much it takes to grow that kale, to bring it from the Land to a blender so he or she can enjoy their smoothie... Why don't they just go to MacDonalds and enjoy a cheap meal there!
  • Cathy Anderson-Berry Cathy Anderson-Berry
  • Adam A. Graham Adam A. Graham Best raw vegan chef in town... I'm a bit biased though. Pick up his book: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Raw Food Detox and he'll sign for you.
  • Crystal De La Rosa Crystal De La Rosa
  • Cori Williams Cori Williams
  • andrea koudelka andrea koudelka I had the kale salad with cilantro dress and it was good the very first time I had it. I tried it again with the ranch and for some reason it was not great at all, could not finish it. I decided to give the juices a try today and I'm really disappointed. I got the green monk and i almost choked on it because they put too much ginger or something. It burned my throat, similar to the way alcohol does. I make green smoothies all the time at home and they are great! This juice does not compare and cost me $12.50 with the tip. Way too over priced for the product. Was hoping to have a great juice and instead left dissatisfied.
  • Cindi M Kiper Dundon Cindi M Kiper Dundon I drove from Virginia with my four kids (5 and under) and the first place I go to??? Juice'd!! I was so excited to try this out! I LOVE the smoothie bowls! Juices are AMAZING and I am currently craving them. Just brilliant. You NEED to go to Juice'd!!
  • Beatrice Cavarretta Beatrice Cavarretta
  • Jenny Meade Jenny Meade Best smoothie I've ever had. And I have smoothies every day. A little pricey, but when I want to treat myself, I go here. It's heavenly. The ambiance is quite pleasant as well.

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