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Our main focus at Juice'd is to provide our community, family, and friends with healthy food and beverage alternatives in an effort to promote a better lifestyle. All of our cold-pressed juices, raw nut mylks, smoothies, smoothie bowls, salads, and other healthy snacks are made in-house with locally sourced ingredients and are 100% organic.

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  • Anita Anita Anita Anita Very good but I prefer a more shallow bowl for my acai bowl and not a cup.
  • Lily Brannan Lily Brannan this restaraunt is absolutely exquisite . besides the fact that it is $10 a juice bottle, the food and juice is completely real and raw. it's nice to finally find a place that serves raw vegan food. the prices are pretty expensive but it's totally worth it. also, the interior is super duper cute :) i hope to go to juice'd again and get one of their smoothies or acai bowls !!
  • Brandon Walsh Brandon Walsh Out of all the places offering acai bowls, theirs are the best hands down. The use more fresh fruit & toppings than other places in the area. Highly recommend the dragonfruit bowls
  • Jordyn Lind Jordyn Lind I ordered the Krunky Monkey Super Bowl, it was so good! The goji berries added a nice chewiness to it, and the peanut butter was delicious. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive, I know it’s organic, but still. Either way it’s still better than most places that make their bowls 99.9% banana, and 0.1% açaí. Very good flavor. ☺️
  • Marten Müller Marten Müller Friendly staff, free samples to try to juices, and delicious smoothie. Worth the money
  • Donyelle Hicks Donyelle Hicks
  • Jan Erne-Spruill Jan Erne-Spruill
  • Timothy Alan Wright Timothy Alan Wright The service was friendly and knowlegable, the food was awesome, and the staff doesn't hurt your eyes either
  • Emily Crismore Emily Crismore Best place to go if you're going to do a juice cleanse! Staff is always very helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Kristal Hale Jackson Kristal Hale Jackson
  • Mary E Monzon Mary E Monzon Wen we went 2 juice last December we loved � it �
  • Aaisha Butler Aaisha Butler The staff was awesome! And the drinks were amazing. Definitely a place I'd visit if I was in town again
  • Brooke Almony Brooke Almony Went in at 7:40 for smoothies and was told they were no longer serving anything but the juices that are already made. If you're open until 8, I would expect to be served the full menu until then. If cleaning the kitchen early is a problem then maybe the store hours should change.
  • Konstantin Shukhmin Konstantin Shukhmin Prior my today's visit, I would give this place 5 stars. I always had a good experience at Juice'd before today, when I ordered a salad and guy who works there started to make it without gloves with his hands, which god knows what he was doing with before I walked in! It never happened to me before, usually girls who works there are super helpful and accurate... of course I used to visit this place not really often, about once a week, but still everything was great, always. So I asked him for refund right away, he remained polite. I believe working without gloves in a place that offering a fresh, healthy food is not acceptable(it's not acceptable even for junk food places). Well, it'll take some time for me to start stopping by Juice'd over again... 5/10/2017 UPDATE: so far so good. Love this place, staff is super nice, they now also have great desserts which I didn't know about! I've never seen anyone working without wearing gloves after that incident in the past! Good job guys!
  • Patti Boyle Patti Boyle
  • Tracy Smith Tracy Smith The acai bowl was fresh tasting, however I do wish there was more fruit. The ratio felt off. I had a lot of acai.
  • Terry Giannios Terry Giannios
  • Alex Coven Alex Coven
  • Fred Zara Fred Zara This place is incredible and the staff is very friendly.
  • Christine Perez-Gray Christine Perez-Gray
  • Brendon Greenwell Brendon Greenwell
  • Gabriel Gonzalez Gabriel Gonzalez Love this place. Only the highest quality and it shows. My favorite is "The Cure". You're welcome!
  • Michael Joseph Michael Joseph
  • Ross Coven Ross Coven
  • Paige Marie Paige Marie
  • Robert Snapp Robert Snapp
  • Parker Antoine Parker Antoine Kale superfood bowl w/ PB is the jam �� , quality every time.
  • Brett William Dufford Brett William Dufford
  • Tammie Large Connor Tammie Large Connor I was in Orlando for a couple of days and needed more quality, cold-pressed juice to complete my cleanse I started in Sarasota and wanted to extend it another day. When I went in, I asked all kinds of questions - I wanted to make sure their juice was as good as my regular place in Sarasota. They were soooo helpful, made awesome recommendations, even personally bottled some for me. I had a Pitaya bowl and a Hibiscus Tea while I waited and it was incredible!!! The juices were amazing, yummy and you can tell they are made with love!! I HIGHLY recommend it!!
  • Destiny Quinn Destiny Quinn THE best juice bar in Orlando, all locally owned and grown and operated - LOVE THIS PLACE! The juices are delish!

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